Wanted: “Architectural Wallflowers”

March 7, 2009

Know a building in or around Philadelphia that qualifies as an “architectural wallflower?”   (We know there are hundreds out there  and most of them deserve attention.)

Here’s the place to post your suggestions.  Tell us where it is and what it looks like, or anything else about it you’d like to share.  And if you can provide us with a link to an image, post the URL in your comment so everyone can take a peek.  Every once in a while, we’ll update our “Selected Finds” page with a few of these new found wallflowers.



2 Responses to “Wanted: “Architectural Wallflowers””

  1. Matt DiMarco said

    Betsy: Some of the most beautiful modern buildings in Philly and beyond are bowling alleys and diners. Would you be interested in expanding your photography to those subjects?

  2. betsymanning said

    Matt-Usually diners don’t make the cut. Most often, they’re a little too flashy. They tend to call attention to themselves – diners are hard to miss. All the angles and reflective surfaces are overwhelming. Bowling alleys, on the other hand, often reflect the simplicity of the activity inside. Size alone, plus the repetition of the lanes running perpendicular to a corridor, invite the kind of design I’m drawn to. I agree: bowling alleys are more often than not simple enough structures to have a handsome roof line, a graceful entry and a stylish sign. There’s a nice elevated one on Haverford Road near Eagle Rd.

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