Animal Hospital

Broad St. Animal Hospital (originally Dr. Bachrach's Animal Hospital), Broad and Nedro Streets


4 Responses to “Image #6”

  1. betsymanning said

    A great example of what I think was as close as Philadelphia ever got to Bauhaus – and there are a few (mostly residential) examples. To qualify (in my mind) it must be 90% right angles, with a few curves to accent (usually in a railing, a window or entry stairs), have wrap-around casement windows, and be mostly white often with a light blue or turquoise trim.

  2. Miles Orvell said

    In this case, Bow-wow house. (sorry) It’s a gem, though, except for the new sign, which has nothing to do with the architecture.

  3. betsymanning said

    The new sign is unfortunate, as is the chain-link fence. Are those anchors for neon on the old, vertical sign?!

  4. Always thought it could have been by Howe and Lescaze. The neon cat on the top of the sign arched its back while the neon dog at the bottom wagged its tail.

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