engine_13_002lr4 Engine 13, Fifteenth and Parrish Streets


4 Responses to “Image #9”

  1. betsymanning said

    ‘Exhibit A’ of how metal lettering can ‘make or break’ a building (plastic dimensional letters ruin a lot of new ones). Like Case, this brick building has elegant accents in the stone lintel and wrapped corners. I imagine there were once garage doors under that lintel.

  2. Miles Orvell said

    The letters are fine. Is this still an engine company? how do they get the engines in and out? At least there’s a window.

  3. kenfinkel said

    Go to Google Maps and then click on “A” on the map then “street view” in the bubble to pan around Fire House 13. If this works, the first picture you’ll see is a more recent two-bay addition to the west of the mid-century Fire House, with four of Philadelphia’s finest staring down Google’s camera. (Don’t mind their shorts.)

    I’m guessing when they expanded the original bay was bricked up and converted into offices or sleeping quarters.

  4. shinkus said

    And if you rotate around on Google streetview, you can see that the firefighters are playing whiffleball — there’s a guy in the garage bay holding a bat, another in the street pitching, and a third playing the field in the parking lot across the street. Love it! (And yes, it also shows the organic growth of the building as Ken mentions.)

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