herron_rec_003lr                                 Herron Recreation Center, Second and Reed Streets


4 Responses to “Image #8”

  1. betsymanning said

    Of course it’s about the roof.

  2. kenfinkel said

    Well, it’s certainly not about the fence.

    I know that Betsy is especially interested in roof-play. Take it even further into abstraction, folding structures, and we have origami. And this ancient art isn’t what it used to be. See this 15:53 TED video in which Robert Lang shows how folding makes everything from serpents to stents.

    But it’s not about origami. It’s about the roof.

  3. Miles Orvell said

    The roof is cool. What happened to the windows? I wonder if you can see the roof from the windowless inside?

  4. maria said

    i’ve wondered about some of these rec enters in philly – there are several that are architecturally interesting. there’s another one or two in south philly with interesting roofs – often wondered if these were all done by the same architect/engineer.

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