There’s this glass-fronted case on the 9th floor of Anderson Hall, just outside room 943 , the office of Bryant Simon, the chair of Temple’s American Studies Program.  It’s been there for several years now, filled with things we find worth sharing.  It’s a modest venue, but has been enough to highlight a small selection of  David Orr’s McDonald’s ephemera or the photographs of Zoe Strauss, which was the most recent installation.

Starting in the Spring of 2009, the installation is a selection of the architectural photographs of Betsy Manning.  Come see the exhibit, or see it online at this blog devoted to it, or both.

So, here’s the place to tell us what you think of this exhibit or what you’d like to see featured in upcoming installations.


One Response to “Exhibit”

  1. Neil Zod said

    When I read about this and looked at your site, it immediately brought to mind the Victory Refrigerator Company building on Germantown Pike at about Butler Pike. My brother and I always referred to it as the Victory Diner because of its brushed aluminum, full windowed front. Hopefully, you will find a picture since I believe it was torn down within the last 10 years or so.

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